Wednesday, March 10, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Giveaway!

Hi Guys! To celebrate St. Patrick's Day we are giving away a free L.A. Art Deco Pen (of course it'll be green) to the first 5 customers who come in with the promotion code (will be given below). Don't feel left out if you're not one of the first 5 because if you buy $5 worth of merchandise you will also receive the same gift. =)

And for those of you who spend $15 or more, you will receive a L.A. Color eye shadow palette!

Stop by while supplies last!

Rules: Must be a follower of our Blog. Thanks!

Promotion Code: GO GREEN!

Sunday, March 7, 2010


Blemish Balm is made with natural herb extracts that help brighten and evens out the skin. It also protects the skin from environmental toxins. The ultra-light texture glides on silky smooth for flawless, natural-looking coverage that leaves your skin radiant.

For a limited time only, the BB Creams will be buy one get one free. =D (exclusive for followers of this blog)

Before(Top) & After(Bottom)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March Madness: YSL Eye Shadow Palettes, 10% off Retail Price

Yves Saint Laurent Limited-Edition 'Bow Collection' 4-Colour Eye Shadow

Sorry about the glare...I wanted to show you guys the pretty packaging.

Yves Saint Laurent 4 Colour Harmony for Eyes in "Pastel" (No. 6)

Yves Saint Laurent 4 Colour Harmony for Eyes in "Tawny" (No. 5)

Yves Saint Laurent 4 Colour Harmony for Eyes in "Lavender" (No. 2)

Yves Saint Laurent Eye Shadow Duo in "Antique Gold & Bronze Green" (No. 7)

Yves Saint Laurent Eye Shadow Duo in "Golden Sand & Brown Earth" (No. 13)

Yves Saint Laurent Eye Shadow Duo in "Shimmering Quartz & Deep Amethyst" (No. 15)

Yves Saint Laurent Eye Shadow Duo in "Blue Legend & Grey Illusion" (No. 5)

Yves Saint Laurent Eye Shadow Duo in "Fresh Peach & Midnight Burgundy" (No. 3)

The colors are a bit washed out and not nearly as vibrant as they actually are. I will try to figure something out in the future for a better color payoff...better lighting perhaps. Sorry about that!

Get Dolled Up Welcome

A quick HELLO to everyone before getting down to business. Hopefully this will be helpful for all of you! This blog will be used to give detailed descriptions of the products sold at Get Dolled Up and of course the monthly specials. So before you guys visit the store you can check out the products online first. I will be posting pictures of new merchandise and of other products sold as well. There will also be other beauty related posts in the future. If you have any suggestions feel free to email me. I'm really excited to get to know all of you and I will try my best to keep you guys up to date. Since blogging is a first time experience for me (woohoo!) I would really like input from all of you.

I would like to thank Sou P. for adding Get Dolled Up on Yelp and being the first to write a review! Also thank you to Ting a Lin g. who wrote the second review. Its really helpful for me to know what you guys think so that improvements can be made.

A special thank you to the person who suggested I start this blog. You know who you are =)

Now lets get down to business with...March Madness!